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Liquor Permit Request 7619 E. Main Street- Buckeye Cheddar & Chili LLC


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  2. 2017-06-13 Buckeye Cheddar and Chili

Meeting History

Jul 10, 2017 7:33 PM  Public Service and Transportation Committee Committee Meeting
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Chief O'Neill: We have no issues at the location to this point, no issues with the owner. Though it is a new permit, liquor permits are not foreign to this area. There is one across the street, one next to it and across the intersection. This would be for consumption on premises for beer wine and spirituous liquor and take out for beer, wine and low alcohol mixed drinks. We didn't come up with anything to contest and we do not recommend we appeal this application.

Mr. Luzader: Any questions from Committee? Council? If not, then I recommend the clerk send this back with no action.