Reynoldsburg City


Liquor Permit Request 7458 E. Main Street; TWDW LLC


Department:Clerk of CouncilSponsors:Ward 2 Councilmember Brett Luzader

Meeting History

Sep 11, 2017 7:32 PM  Public Service and Transportation Committee Committee Meeting

Mr. Luzader: Is there any discussion on this at the present time? I've talked to the Chief about this and I think they're still in the middle of their investigation on this so if it's ok with the Committee, I'd like to hold this for 2 weeks.

Mr. Hood: There is a specific period of time you have to respond or as for an extension.

Mr. Joseph: What would happen if we miss that?

Mr. Hood: We waive our objection.

Mr. Long: I'm looking at the application and it says September 25th.

Mr. Joseph: That's 2 weeks, our next meeting.

Mr. Hood: We can request an extention if that's what you would like to do.